Half of Greece on Alert for High Wildfire Danger

More than 8,600 acres of brushland, agricultural land and forested areas were burned by a wildfire that erupted in Achaia prefecture, southwest Greece, over the past two days

Police Announce 3 Arrests in Vicious Rape-Robbery Case in Rural Achaia

Three suspects, all foreign nationals, were identified by the two victims, a Vietnamese couple working as farm hands in a village southwest of Patras

Minister: 30K sq.m of Hydra Forest Torched by Yacht’s Fireworks

All 13 crew-members of a mega-yacht from which the fireworks were allegedly launched - and reached a Hydra forest - on Friday night to a face a prosecutor

3.9R Quake Shakes Western Crete

According to the Athens Observatory’s Geodynamics Institute, the 3.9R tremor’s epicenter was located 24 kilometers southwest of the settlement of Palaiochora.

All 13 Crewmembers of Mega-yacht Arrested for Hydra Wildfire

The only forest patch on the otherwise arid isle lying off the east coast of the Peloponnese was allegedly set ablaze by fireworks fired from mega-yacht

Andros Wildfire: Help Arrives from Mainland; High Risk on Sun.

Amid strong winds, additional support from the mainland has been dispatched to assist with efforts to combat the Andros wildfire

Thessaloniki EuroPride 2024 Kicks Off

The event came as Greece recently became the 16th country in the EU to establish marriage for all, with Thessaloniki now hosting Europe’s most prominent annual LGBTI+ event

Fireworks Launched From Yacht Blamed for Hydra Wildfire

Beyond the Hydra wildfire another major wildfire in the NE Peloponnese, in Achaia prefecture, was mostly under control, the fire brigade said