The Wall Street Journal

The Dial-Toning of AI

As with every new technology, its hype will fade as its uses become ubiquitous.

Russia Gears Up for Song, Sports Contests as It Pushes ‘West vs. Rest’ Message

Putin has created new events to support his view that the world doesn’t need the U.S. and its allies

AI Fake Nudes Are Now a Frightening Reality for Teens

Girls portrayed in AI-generated nude images can still face bullying and judgment, even when everyone knows the pics are fake, teens say

Economic Data Paint a Picture of Two Americas

The rich are feeling confident, but lower-income households are growing cautious

Quit Being a Cynic at Work. It’s Holding You Back.

There are ways to fight the tendency to see the worst in everyone

Halfway Through an Epic Election Year, the Winner Is: Surprise

From Mexico to India and South Africa, voters gave priority to their own economic prospects, delivering verdicts that ran counter to predictions

Stressing Over Your Next Home Renovation Project? Let AI Handle It.

A sea of apps is helping take the headache out of home design and construction. ‘There seems to be a new one every day.’

What Type of Nerd Are You? There’s a Cruise for That.

Science expeditions to the Arctic, military-history deep-dives along the Mississippi and more. On these cruises, you’ll be rushing for a seat in the lecture hall instead of the on-board casino.