Greece: Rain, T-Storms To Interrupt Spring-Like Conditions
Efforts to Tackle Fashion Waste in Greece in Progress

Currently in Greece, 35% of clothes are recycled, but the goal is to double the number by 2030

Climate Crisis Threatening Monuments and Antiquities

Zerefos, who participated in the study, emphasizes that "Although to a relatively lesser extent compared to the aforementioned monuments, the Acropolis is not an exception and faces danger, especially from extreme rainfall and high temperatures."

Greece Shoreline Bill Causes Stir Among Environmental Groups

Environmental groups in Greece are calling on the government to re-examine a shoreline use law urging protection of beaches and coasts.

Photovoltaics: Greece 5th in PPAs in Europe

Greek company Mytilineos, which has entered into a bilateral long-term power contract for 411 MW, holds 8th place in green electricity in Europe

Greece’s Zagorin Apple Harvest Down 30% on Climate Change

One out of three apples in Greece are Zagorin, but with climate change negatively impacting the annual harvest, Greece's Zagorin agricultural cooperative will switch to different varieties

Weather Alert For Sunday

Heavy rain, thunderstorms forecast in much of the mainland

LR, Supported by Greek Shipping Leaders, Launch Maritime Emissions Reduction Centre in Athens

Capital Group, Navios Maritime Partners, Neda Maritime Agency, Star Bulk and Thenamaris get behind initiative for a global Maritime Emissions Reduction Centre