Greeks Get Proactive About Protecting Public Beaches

In efforts to clamp down on beach and shoreline use violations, the Greek government is now also engaging the public through the ‘MyCoast’ app

Grim Forecasts for Hot Summer Ahead in Europe

Countries across Europe will be feeling the heat in the coming days with temperatures set to soar past the seasonal average

Greece’s Renewable Energy Balancing Economic Gains with Community Challenges

Wind and solar power have become so economically viable that they're now unprofitable for investors, but a boon for Greek families and businesses.

Climate Change Driving Greece’s Loggerhead Turtles to Nest Early

Archelon reports that loggerhead turtle nests have already been found in Zakynthos and Crete, which is the earliest on record

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 4% Decrease in EU, 0.3% Rise in Greece in Q4 2023

The EU's GDP remained stable with a marginal 0.2% increase in fourth quarter of 2023.

Greece to Invest €2B in Civil Protection Infrastructure to Face Climate Change

Prompted by climate change, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said more than 2 billion euros would be channeled into strengthening civil protection infrastructure.

Rare Triple Rainbow Mesmerizes Athenians Monday Afternoon

The photo was taken in the Goudi neighborhood in eastern Athens with a backdrop of Mount Hymettus

Temperatures to Surge Above 30°C as Heat Wave Hits Greece

In the Athens metropolitan area, thermometers are poised to exceed 30 degrees Celsius throughout the weekend, while Thessaloniki residents in northern Greece should anticipate temperatures peaking at 27 degrees Celsius, according to meteorological forecasts.