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Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 30,000

U.S., Arab negotiators are pushing Israel and Hamas to agree to a cease-fire deal by next week

Scientists Resort to Once-Unthinkable Solutions to Cool the Planet

Three geoengineering projects seek to alter the chemistry of the atmosphere and the ocean. Critics warn of unintended consequences.

Beware the Top Google Search Result. It Might Be Wrong.

How to spot AI-generated content, bogus featured text ‘snippets’ and misleading ads

The Case Against an Annual Physical

For some of us, the yearly exams might not be doing much to boost long-term health

Zelensky Says 31,000 Ukrainian Troops Killed in Two Years of War

The Ukrainian leader highlighted the extent of the country’s sacrifices as it awaits a U.S. congressional vote on further military aid

Can Loose Lips Sink an Alliance?

As Trump sows doubt about U.S. commitment to NATO, allies warn deterrence is fraying

This Fossil Is Famous. Scientists Say It’s a Fake.

It looked like an intact reptile, but much of it was painted rock

Ukraine’s Bloody Decade: A Visual History of 10 Years at War

Russia has waged a long campaign to bring Kyiv back under its control. Despite a full-scale invasion, Ukraine is still resisting.