At the commemoration of Lidl Greece and Lidl Cyprus’s 25-year presence in the market, management unveiled plans for significant investments totaling 120 million euros by 2026. These investments encompass the establishment of new stores, enhancements to existing facilities, and the introduction of eco-friendly energy-saving initiatives.

Lidl’s remarkable journey in the Greek market over the past quarter-century sees its footprint grow from 10 to 230 stores, accompanied by a workforce exceeding 6,700 employees. With a cumulative investment of over 1.4 billion euros and a current position among the top 3 retailers in Greece, Lidl’s evolution has attracted even more consumers to its stores, thanks to a notable shift in its product offerings.

Transitioning from a modest selection of 900 generic products, Lidl now boasts 2,500 items, including branded goods, with a noteworthy 60% of its sales stemming from Greek suppliers.

Chairman of the Management Board of Lidl Greece and Lidl Cyprus, Martin Brandenburger, revealed plans for this year’s investments, confirming the opening of a new store in Athens by summer’s end.

Additionally, he highlighted the successful pilot of the first self-checkout counter in Thessaloniki in June, with plans to extend this initiative to Athens within two months, aiming for network-wide implementation by 2026.

Furthermore, Lidl is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability by reinforcing its paperless policy, transitioning exclusively to electronic receipts for Lidl Plus cardholders starting from late July.

On the topic of pricing, Brandenburger informed press representatives at the event that June witnessed a notable reduction of approximately 2.5% in product prices compared to the previous year, a rate twice as fast as the broader market’s decline.