Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostas Fragogiannis is scheduled to travel to Istanbul on Thursday for a two-day working visit accompanied by a large contingent of Greek business representatives, where he will attend the 6th Session of the joint economic committee between Greece and Turkey, organized by Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK).

According to the schedule, he will first meet with Greek businesspeople already active in Istanbul before delivering a speech at Kadir Has University regarding the prospects of Greek-Turkish economic cooperation.

Fragogiannis and the large Greek business delegation will attend a dinner on the same day hosted by prominent Greek entrepreneur Byron Nicholaidis, where Turkish and Greek businesspeople will have the opportunity to exchange ideas.

On Friday the 6th session of the Joint Economic Committee between Greece and Turkey will take place, co-chaired by Fragogiannis and Turkish Deputy Minister of Trade Mustafa Tuzcu.

The committee’s agenda includes discussions on a range of topics, such as energy, environment, water management, transportation, industry, research and technology, agriculture, customs cooperation, tourism and civil protection.

The visit to Istanbul is part of a broader effort to boost bilateral economic and trade relations with neighboring Turkey. The mission involves high-ranking executives from 75 companies representing various sectors, including food, construction, shipping, tourism, pharmaceuticals, energy and banking. Institutional stakeholders are also participating in the initiative.