The European statistical service Eurostat, released data on Tuesday according which Greece’s accommodation and food services sector made the most substantial contribution to the EU economy’s added value in 2021, representing 6.5% of the total economy.

In 2021, the accommodation and food services sector in the EU witnessed the operation of 1.9 million enterprises, accounting for 6.1% of all enterprises in the business economy.

Employing 9.9 million individuals and generating 203.6 billion euros in value added, with a net turnover of 446.0 billion euros in 2021, this sector contributed 6.3% to the total workforce and 2.2% to the overall value added.

Following Greece, Cyprus recorded the second-highest contribution to the added value of the business economy at 6.0%, succeeded by Croatia at 5.4%. Conversely, the lowest shares were observed in Slovakia (0.8%), the Czech Republic (1%), and Poland – Netherlands (both 1.2%).

In terms of employment, the sector significantly contributed to the business economy, ranging from 19.6% in Greece, 13.5% in Cyprus, and 9.5% in Spain, to 2.8% in Poland, 3.3% in Slovakia, and 3.9% in Finland.