Greece remained in the lowest one-third of 26  European states in terms of salaries for 2023, coming in at 20th place.

According to figures released by Eurostat, the Benelux Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of Europe’s hubs for finance, is in first place, with an average hourly rate of 47 euros. Luxembourg also has the highest per capita income in the world.

Denmark follows with 42 euros per hour, then Norway (41.7), non-EU Iceland (39.5) and Belgium (36.3).

Greece’s 20th place is linked with an average hourly wage of 12.6 euros.

Behind the country are Slovakia (12.5), Poland (11.9), Hungary (11), Latvia (10.7) and Romania (10.4). Last place is held by Bulgaria, where the average hourly wage is 8.4 euros.