Almost 30 percent of Europeans living in EU states were unable to afford a week-long holiday in 2022, based on data from Eurostat, the EU’s official statistical authority.

As the findings showed, the variations are huge from country to country, with more than 60 percent of Romanians lacking the financial capability to travel for more than 7 days, while over 50 percent of Greeks could not enjoy a week-long vacation. On the other spectrum were Luxembourgians, as fewer than 10 percent were in a similar dire situation as the Romanians and Greeks.

The Eurostat data came to reaffirm a previous study, carried out by the European Trade Union Confederation in 2020, according to which nearly 8 percent – corresponding to over 38 million European citizens – of the EU’s population did not have enough money to go on vacation for seven days.

The 2020 study showed that Romanians and Greeks were the worst off, while in Austria, Denmark and Finland only around 7% could not afford holidays.

Infographic: Many Europeans can't afford a week-long holiday | Statista

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