The Greek Ministry of Finance introduced an amendment to the tax bill last night, extending the reduced VAT rates until June 2024.

Among the key changes are:

• Zero VAT rate for specific COVID-19 vaccines continues beyond 31st December 2023.
• The highly reduced VAT rate of 6% effective from January 1, 2024, is extended for specified medical products.
• A reduced VAT rate of 13% remains applicable to the importation of art, collections, or antiquities, the sale of art objects, tickets for zoos, and the provision of services by gyms and dance schools, as long as they are not exempt according to Article 22 of the VAT Code.
• A 6% VAT rate applies to defibrillators, cinema tickets, and specific personal hygiene and protection items.
• The reduced VAT rate of 13% for passenger and luggage transportation also extends beyond December 31, 2023. For taxi services, this rate is applicable until June 30, 2024.

Moreover, the 13% VAT rate remains valid for coffee, cocoa, tea, chamomile, and related beverages.
Furthermore, the amendment covers the complete offset of the VAT tax liability related to electricity consumption services under specific provisions (Articles 143 and 143Α of law 4001/2011) existing before the commencement of the bill.

An automatic cancellation of outstanding debts to the tax administration during the specified period is expanded to include individuals and legal entities affected by the railway accident in Tempi since February 28, 2023.
Additionally, the National Organization for Healthcare Provision’s coverage for medicine and healthcare services for the victims of the Tempi accident is extended.

Lastly, the suspension of the exemption from Special Consumption Tax (SCT) for products sold at duty-free shops outside airports or ports is reinstated until December 31, 2023, as per the defined terms.