” In 2023 there was a significant improvement in the country’s economy, Greek Minister of Finance Kostis Hatzidakis said in a video on social media platform Tik Tok.

Hatzidakis noted that Greece has the third highest growth rate in the entire European Union, while after 13 years in “junk status”, it managed to reinstate its investment grade.

“We even managed to raise civil servant’s salaries after 13 years,” he noted, adding that the government moved forward in order to deal with tax evasion in 11 different levels.

The Government brought an important initiative, with serious obligations for servicers and funds he said adding that unemployment has now fallen to pre-crisis levels, from 17.5% to 9.5%, noting that “the average salary since 2019 has gone up 20%.

“Despite the successive natural disasters and the effect they had, our budget was implemented as planned.”

Concluding, Hatzidakis said that on top of all “Greece was recently named as country of the year for 2023” for managing after years of painful austerity measures and reforms to top the world’s economies in 2023.