The Gek Terna group on Thursday announced nine-month revenues of 2.529 billion euros, compared with 2.762 billion euros during the corresponding period of 2022, with EBITDA totaling 396.3 million euros, compared to 404.8 million in 9M last year.

The ATHEX-listed conglomerate, whose companies are active in construction, energy and concessions, reported net profits of 88.8 million euros, compared to 93.2 million in the same period of 2022.

Excluding the energy sector, the group’s EBITDA in the Jan-Sept period increased by 26.4 percent, compared to the same period in 2022.

In a related development, Ellaktor group announced a 27-percent increase in nine-month EBITDA, or 147 million euros in absolute terms.

The construction and concessions concern said sales reached 284 million euros in the Jan-Sept period, down by 3 percent from the corresponding period in 2022.

Pre-tax profits reached 76.2 million euros, compared by 13.6 million euros in the first nine-month period of 2022; net profits during the same period reached 54.2 million euros, compared to 6.1 million euros in the Jan-Sept 2022 period.