Google News Showcase is launching in Greece, in response to calls from news partners in the country that say they need new ways to connect and engage with online readers, says Google in its online blog.

The blog also notes that nine media partners have already signed up and that services will be rolled out on Google News on Android, iOS and the web, and in Discover on iOS and Android.

Google News Showcase explains that publishers will have more control over presentation and branding, engagement will be boosted, and that the Showcase Panels facilitate companies to direct readers to full articles on publishers’ websites.

The Google News Showcase is part of a larger initiative of the company called the Google News Initiative where it helps newsrooms and staff embrace and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new digital age through digital upskilling.

Across the world, Google News Showcase says it has signed deals with over 2,500 publications and that the product is live in twenty-three countries.