The deadline for the payment of the 2024 road tax, or for the decommissioning of vehicles, in Greece is December 31, 2023, according to

Citizens that wish to remove their cars from circulation should submit their declaration online through the AADE myCAR platform, which can be done either through a computer or via smart phone.

The plates should remain on decommissioned vehicles and citizens should indicate where the car will be parked. If a decommissioned car is found in circulation by the authorities, the owner will be fined 10,000 euros for the first offence and 30,000 euros for the second one. Additionally, the owner will have his or her license revoked for three years.

Under special circumstances, vehicle owners must visit their tax office to decommission their vehicle. These cases relate to: theft of the vehicle, incomplete transfer of ownership of the vehicle, transfer of the vehicle outside of Greece, its seizure by public authorities, revocation of its registration data by public authorities, delivery of the vehicle to be recycled, complete destruction of the vehicle due to fire, auction of the vehicle, ‘alienation’ of the vehicle by the owner (for example if abandoned and subsequently collected by municipality authorities) and when the owner of a vehicle dies and its heirs wish to remove it from circulation.