Tax Freedom Day came seven days earlier for Greek taxpayers in 2023, with the number of days needed to work in order to pay off taxes and social insurances contributions to the state and relevant funds totaling 187, down from 194 in 2022, the Athens-based Center for Liberal Studies (KEFiM) announced on Tuesday.

Tax Freedom Day in Greece was commemorated on June 28.

The primary reason is the abolition of a so-called “solidarity tax”, as of Jan. 1, 2023.

Tax and contribution proceeds were up 1.9% as a percentage of net national income. According to KEFiM executive director Nikos Rompapas, “…the fact that in 2023 we worked seven days less than in 2022 to pay taxes and insurance contributions to the state is a positive development.”

He added that the emphasis should now be on continuing this trend.