Greece ranks among the top countries in the world regarding domestic electricity generation of solar and wind energy, as revealed in a report by the British independent energy think tank “Ember,” published yesterday (Global Electricity Review 2024).

Greece is second only to Chile (20%) in terms of the production of photovoltaics, and the share of solar production in the electricity mix with 19%. Hungary came in third (18%), followed by the Netherlands (17%). Countries with less than 5 TWh (terawatt-hours) of solar production were not included in the ranking.

Electricity production from photovoltaics per capita

Greece came in fourth regarding electricity production in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per capita annually with 899 kWh per capita, with Australia taking the top spot (1,810 kWh), followed by the Netherlands (1,208 kWh), and Spain (949 kWh). Japan, Chile, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and the United States are under Greece in production in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per capita.

China leads regarding the highest solar energy production in absolute values, with 584 TWh, followed by the United States with 238 TWh, and then India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, and South Korea.

8th place in wind energy share

Greece also ranks among the top 10 countries for wind energy production per share of electricity generation, occupying the 8th spot with 22%, with Denmark leading the world with a production of 58% as a share of domestic electricity generation. Ireland (36%), and Portugal (29%) occupy the second and third spots, respectively.

According to Ember’s researchers, solar and wind energy will form the backbone of the future electricity system, providing nearly 70% of global electricity by 2050.