Greece’s latest fire protection measure kicked-off this past Monday, May 27, through the launch of a digital platform that will help track untended properties and plots of land within and near city and town limits.

The objective is to reduce the risk of fires, and the spread of fires, in developed areas stemming from property owners and lessees neglecting to clear brush on an annual basis ahead of fire season.

Those found to be negligent may be hit with a fine ranging between 1,000 to 54,000 euros, according to reports at TO BHMA.

Reportedly, the digital platform has been welcomed by Municipalities, which have said they lack the resources to identify the owners of neglected properties and take relevant actions.

According to TO BHMA, the platform will enable citizens to submit an application to the municipality asking it to clean their plot of land, meanwhile enabling other citizens to file complaints about neglected properties.

From the side of the municipality, they will also be able to record information about the properties that they have visited, inspected and cleared.

The new legislation applies to owners, lessees, usufructuaries, and subletters of properties within town limits, those 100 meters from those limits, and in some cases fields outside of town limits.