The Greek Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis is traveling to Brussels, where he is scheduled to take part in the Eurogroup and ECOFIN meetings, a press statement released by the Ministry read on Wednesday.

According to the readout, inflation is at the top of the agenda of talks which will also broach macroeconomic developments in the Eurozone, as well as the prospects and challenges the EU faces in light of global competitiveness.

The Ministers will also discuss the Banking Union and the future of European capital markets.

The ECOFIN group – Economic and Financial Affairs Council composed of the EU’s Finance and Economy Ministers – is scheduled to meet on Thursday, November 9, where the main topic of discussion will be the reform of economic governance rules.

The agenda also includes a discussion on the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, the future course of the European Semester and the Annual Report of the European Fiscal Council (EFC) for 2023.

The Greek Minister attended the ‘Kyklos Ideon’ conference on Tuesday where he referred to the negotiation of the new EU fiscal rules saying he expected no agreement would be reached at the ECOFIN meeting on Thursday.

During the conference, Hatzidakis stated that Greece is in favor of greater flexibility so that fiscal policy does not stifle growth, but reiterated that regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, “the government will remain on the path of fiscal seriousness and discipline, with a pro-investment policy that generates jobs and conditions for added value to society, because we have no doubt that we are constantly monitored by the markets and investors”.