Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the country was emerging as an economic powerhouse speaking with entrepreneur Nik Nanos at an event hosted by the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto. The PM responded to several questions about the government’s policies to make Greece appealing to investors.

The PM referred to the 2020 Davos agreement with Microsoft officials for a large investment in the country which had elevated Greece to a potential logistics hub, calling the deal very important.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized the opportunities opening up for investments in many sectors of the country as the government, through its business-friendly initiatives, managed to create an environment conducive to investments.

The PM highlighted the improvement in perception and the business environment, as reflected in relevant surveys, which is recognized, as he said, by markets and investors alike. He underlined that unlike 2020 when it was much more difficult to cultivate a climate of trust, now it was a more attractive investment destination.

The PM said the regulatory environment had been improved through the adoption of a stable and predictable business framework for businesses interested in investing in the country.

Mitsotakis expressed confidence that the Greek economy would continue to grow at a faster pace than the EU average, emphasizing his government’s priority to focus on a robust microeconomy and stable macroeconomy.

Remarking on the impact the war in Ukraine had on the European economy he pointed out that some sectors had achieved a notable degree of independence from cheap Russian gas, adding that Greece now played a significant role as a transit hub of liquified natural gas (LNG) and in doing so it had acquired an important geopolitical position in the wider region.