Imithea Single Member S.A. the owner of the Henry Dunant Hospital in central, has reportedly reached an understanding with Farallon Capital Management for the acquisition of the core assets of the latter’s Euromedica Group, following a separation of the diagnostic centers’ division.

The acquisition includes six general and maternity clinics in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, and the northern city of Kozani, one rehabilitation center in Thessaloniki, as well as stakes in other such centers and companies specializing in logistics, IT and real estate.

The stated goal is to establish one of the largest healthcare groups in Greece, providing secondary care services through a network of hospitals and clinics with broad geographic coverage across the country.

This new company is set to employ more than 2,500 individuals, while offering more than 1,380 secondary care beds nationwide. It will have the capacity to treat more than 120,000 cases annually and serve more than 750,000 outpatient incidents within its clinic network.

It should be noted that the acquisition process is ongoing, pending approval from the competent Competition Authority and obtaining the required legal clearances.

In mid-2022, the two companies had agreed to merge through the absorption of the Euromedica Group by Imithea. However, the deal did not materialize.

Henry Dunant Hospital, named for the founder of the Red Cross, became part of the special-purpose company and subsidiary of Piraeus Bank, in 2014 for €115 million. The restructuring plan environed a three-year certification of good operation and funding amounting to €180 million, given that in 2014 the hospital was burdened with debts totaling €90 million and with total obligations reaching €300 million.