The project promises to produce 680MW of energy and pump and store another 730MW. It includes two independent reservoirs (Agios Georgios and Pyros) with a capacity of 9 million cubic meters. The lower reservoir uses the existing Kastraki lake. The overall investment is €650 million and is estimated to add 1,000 new jobs by the time it is fully constructed in 2026.

The investment plan, with a budget of €107.6 million, envisions the redevelopment of the Kalithea hotel complex, spanning 158 acres with an 850-meter beachfront. The goal is to reposition the newly acquired hotels Athos Palace, Pallini Beach, and Theophano Imperial on the Greek tourism map through the development of a high-end resort. Among other features, the resort will incorporate hotel facilities, standalone apartments – bungalows, and comprehensive dining, spa, and entertainment services.

Videos and photos circulating on social media show protesters setting fires around the building where the 27-member assembly was convening. The scenes underscore the intensity of the farmers’ demonstration and the confrontations with authorities in the heart of Luxembourg Square. The incident adds a new dimension to the ongoing protests, reflecting the heightened emotions and discontent within the agricultural sector.

Despite the overall trend, Greece faces persistent challenges with rising food prices, as the “food, alcohol, and tobacco” index totaled 7.1%, slightly lower than December’s 7.6%. Examining the Eurozone figures, January witnessed food, alcohol, and tobacco registering an inflation rate of 5.7%, down from December’s 6.1%. Services remained stable at 4.0%, non-energy industrial goods decreased to 2.0% from December’s 2.5%, and energy prices saw a decline of -6.3%, compared to -6.7% in December.