More than 100,000 consumers registered with the paying system IRIS in December to secure rapid payments without any additional charges.

Plumbers, doctors, lawyers, taxi operators, merchants, car repair shops, and kiosks provide their customers with the ability to pay through their mobile phones, even for the smallest transactions, without getting involved with IBAN and POS.

According to statistics on Dec. 31, 2023, IRIS users reached 2.2 million, a monthly record with 102,000 new registrations in Dec. 2023, a size over four times that of 2020, with 70% of these users belonging to the age group of 18-34 years.

The registered professionals amount to 155,000, a size increased by 292.8% compared to 2022 and tripled compared to 2020. The number of registered merchants/eshops using the IRIS eCommerce service reached 3,500 in 2023, enhanced by 19 times compared to 2020.

IRIS products include direct money transfers between friends (IRIS P2P), between professionals (IRIS P2B), and payments in the e-commerce sector (IRIS eCommerce), which have recorded strong transaction growth rates of 251%, 293%, and 69% respectively compared to the corresponding figures in 2022.

Even more impressive is the growth trajectory of these transactions in 2023 compared to the data from three years ago (2020), as there is a strengthening by 2540% (IRIS P2P), 1125% (IRIS P2B), and 373% (IRIS eCommerce).