Private sector wage-earners in Greece are struggling to make ends meet, according to an Alco survey carried out on behalf of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), the country’s largest umbrella trade group.

The findings reveal that wage-earners in Greece are forced to cut back on the consumption of essential goods to cope with the high costs of living, while many sectors have not seen a pay rise over the past year.

Furthermore, respondents said they had not been paid overtime and were unable to save money – with 30% replying they had to tap into their savings to cover basic needs.

A noteworthy finding was that eight out of 10 wage-earners expressed full support for collective bargaining agreements, as they considered the practice protected their labor rights.

Citing the survey findings, GSEE called for immediate actions, including salary hikes and strengthening labor rights to protect the living standards of low-income earners.

The trade union umbrella organization also said the restoration of collective bargaining agreements to set minimum wages was imperative.