The path has been cleared for Lamda Marinas Investments development of a marina for mega yachts in Corfu, according to reports at

Greece’s court of auditors completed its pre-contractual audit for the sub-concession of the project, and gave Lamda the green light to go ahead.

The decision is considered significant because it is the first time that the Court of Auditors gives such an approval based upon the new criteria and parameters set by Greece’s Council of State for the development of marina projects of this category.

It is anticipated that the investment will benefit both Corfu’s local economy and Greek tourism overall, and has been long-awaited, since the Corfu marina project was first decided upon by Greece’s Minister of Tourism as far back as 2007.

In June of 2023, the Hellenic Republic Asset Develpment Fund (HRADF) declared Lamda Marinas Investments SMSA the preferred investor in the tender for the sub-concession of the right to build, operate, manage and maintain the mega yachts marina in Corfu.

The cost of investment for the construction and development of the marina is seen surpassing 50 million euros, while the total value to be paid will exceed 89 million over 40 years. Part of the price will be paid upon the start of the sub-concession and the rest will be paid as part of annual turnover.