The Greek state budget posted a primary surplus of 5.826 billion euros in the Jan-Nov period this year, up from a surplus target of 3.771 billion euros, and a primary deficit of 1.091 billion euros reported over the corresponding period in 2022.

Net revenues totaled 59.162 billion euros over the 11-month period, up by 195 million euros from the target, while regular budget revenues were 65.430 billion euros, up by 328 million (0.5%) from the target.

Additionally, tax revenues reached 56.040 billion euros, up 0.8% from the target, mostly due to a 131-million-euro hike in VAT remittances, along with a six-million-euro decline in special consumption taxes, a 22-million-euro decrease in property taxes and a 183-million-euro hike in income tax revenue.

Public Investment Program revenues were 2.954 billion euros, down by 340 million euros from the target.

Budget spending was 60.194 billion euros, down by 1.774 billion from the target.

In November, budget revenues totaled 5.285 billion euros, up 193 million from the monthly target, while regular budget revenue was 6.0 billion, up 326 million euros from the monthly target.