Civil servants in Greece are going to see a rise in their monthly salaries by €70 at the beginning of the year, regardless of their educational level, marital status and work experience – the first pay raise for the large segment of the workforce in 14 years.

High-ranking civil servants, as well as those with children, will see an additional 30% hike in their salary.

Some 65.000 senior civil servants, including department heads, deputy directors, managers, and general managers will benefit from the pay hikes, which also extends to armed forces personnel, law enforcement, public sector physicians, researchers and supervisors in the education sector.

The family allowance for civil servants with one child will increase to €70, 120 euros for two children, €170 for three children, 220 euros for four children and €70 for each additional child. National Health System employees accepting emergencies will get an extra 20%.

An increase of €15 in the allowance for special working conditions will be received by the officers of the Armed Forces and the Security Forces who are married or have children, an allowance that increases from €55  to €70 for married couples without children and from €115 to €130 for married couples with children.

Armed forces civil servants, Coast Guard police and Fire Brigade personnel in remote areas will be compensated with an additional 30% raise in their allowance.

Private Sector

It is estimated that the minimum wage in the private sector will increase by 5%-6% in the spring of 2024, reaching €820-830 euros from the current €780 per month, with the government aiming to raise the minimum wage to €950 by 2027.

According to the government, the average salary will rise by more than 25% in the four years 2023-2027 to €1,500 from €1,170.

The government also plans to reactivate the three-year work experience pay rise mechanism which will see employees on the payroll receiving a 10% increase for every three years of previous work experience up to nine years. Over nine years of work experience, the increase rate will be 30%.

For skilled technicians on the payroll, the increase will be 5% and will reach up to 30% increase for more than 18 years of work experience.