The year’s most significant maritime exhibition, Posidonia 2024, is set to commence on Monday, June 3 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo. Anticipated to draw more than 40,000 shipping professionals from across the globe, the biannual gathering marks another pivotal moment for the industry as it converges in Greece to forge business alliances, foster networking, exchange insights, experiences and consider future trends and forecasts.

Posidonia 2024 is poised to make history as the largest event in its six-decade legacy. Organizers have confirmed the participation of 2,030 exhibitors from 82 countries, showcasing their products and services within an expanded exhibition space and in specially designated outdoor areas tailored to accommodate the unprecedented demand.

“Posidonia 2024 will be larger in scale than ever before in the event’s history. Our needs have well exceeded the exhibition space, and it is now imperative to build additional exhibition halls. To accommodate exhibitors this year, we have also proceeded with outdoor booths,” according to Theodore Vokos, the managing director of Posidonia Exhibitions S.A. 

“Both geopolitical turmoil in many parts of the world and the need for decarbonization, along with corresponding environmental regulations, create a mix of challenges that the Greek shipping industry is called upon to address. This year’s increased participation in Posidonia reflects the industry’s need to come together, discuss new developments, and find ways to tackle the new environmental regulations head-on,” he added.

This year’s Posidonia also reflects the dynamism of Greek shipping, which has entered a continuous growth trajectory and aims at a qualitative and technological upgrading of Greek-controlled vessels, as well as diversification of its overall product.

Posidonia 2024 in Numbers

Among the 96 exhibitors, whether new entrants or returning after a hiatus, 25 hail from Greece, underscoring the country’s abundant pool of equipment manufacturers and service providers for the maritime industry.

Furthermore, the international presence sees a significant surge, with ten companies from the United Arab Emirates and eight from India. This year’s Posidonia event showcases 23 national pavilions. Notably, China marks a remarkable return, boasting 180 companies post-pandemic, indicating a nearly 50% increase in participation. Turkey follows suit with a 10% rise.

The exhibition’s global appeal is evident with the largest-ever turnout of national ship registries, representing 16 flags, including Panama, Liberia, the Marshall Islands, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, Cyprus, Malta, Belize, and Palau. Additionally, newcomers such as the British Virgin Islands, Guinea-Bissau, San Marino, Sierra Leone, Barbados, and St. Kitts & Nevis join the ranks.

Public Statements

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Christos Stylianides.

On his part, the Greek minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Christos Stylianides, emphasized that: “Shipping in Greece is an important driver of economic development and employment. Given its leading position in global shipping, our constant pursuit is to increase its contribution to the Greek economy to match its competitive position. The successful organisation of Posidonia contributes substantially and decisively in this direction.”

Dr George Pateras, the president at the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, stated that: “This is a landmark year for Posidonia with over 2000 exhibitors from over 80 countries. This world-renowned exhibition does not only provide a platform for innovators to show their wares, but the perfect forum for the exchange of theories and ideas. This year sustainability will be the buzz word for all the networking huddles and along the corridors of power. Time to enjoy this extraordinary exhibition and the perfect hospitality of Greece and the Aegean.”

According to John C. Lyras, a member of the Union of Greek Shipowners Board of Directors, “’Greek Shipping’s successful entrepreneurial business model and tradition continues to secure the uninterrupted provision of essential cargoes to the world’s nations at the lowest transportation cost. This success is reflected in the size and extent of the Posidonia Exhibition and the associated activities comprising the foremost biennial event in the international shipping calendar. Greek Shipping is consequently well placed to meet the formidable and unprecedented challenges that climate change and decarbonisation present and calls upon the regulators and all stakeholders to properly consider the knowledge and experience Greek Shipping can provide in meeting these challenges optimally.”

Dimitris Karidis, the deputy mayor of planning and sustainable development of the Municipality of Piraeus, speaking on behalf of Mayor Yannis Moralis, stated: “For us, it is important that one of the main matters to be highlighted at this year’s Posidonia is the new environmental rules for Shipping. Like every big city-port, Piraeus must deal with the matter of environmental pollution. This is a big challenge and it is worth all stakeholders devoting even more attention to tackle this issue urgently.”

Parallel Activities

Simultaneously, a lighter segment of Posidonia, the “Posidonia Games sporting event, is taking place today, Sunday, at the Star Sport Club Voula, bringing together shipping executives who compete in sailing, golf, football (soccer), basketball and running. Additionally The Posidonia Conference and Seminar program has significantly expanded this year, offering workshops and conferences by industry leaders.

Posidonia 2024 culminates on June 7 and revenues are expected to exceed 80 million euros, thanks to the increased number of exhibitors and visitors as well as the extended duration of the event. This highlights the exhibition’s significant contribution to the tourism sector.

Posidonia is the first exhibition in Greece to receive ISO certification as a sustainable event, emphasizing the organizers’ commitment to minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing economic benefits for the local economy and businesses.

Posidonia 2024 is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and the Union of Greek Shipowners as well as with the support of the Municipality of Piraeus and the Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee.