Registered unemployment in Greece last month numbered more than 1,028 million people, by down by nearly 33,300 (-3.1%) compared to November 2022 and up by 127,826 (14.2%) compared to the preceding month, October 2023, the country public employment agency (DYPA) announced on Wednesday.

Specifically, of the 1,028,123 registered unemployed people, 48.7% are designated as long-term unemployed and 51.3% are short-term unemployed, meaning jobless less than 12 months.

The 30-44 age group was the largest bloc of unemployed in the country, at 32.4%.

The number of registered unemployed who received jobless benefits in November 2023 reached 147,754, of which 29.5% are seasonal wage-earners employed in the tourism and holiday sector.

Men accounted for 40.8% of the figure and women the rest of individuals receiving unemployment benefits in November 2023.