Twenty-seven years after its introduction revolutionized the lives of Greek taxpayers by eliminating long queues and unnecessary visits to tax offices through electronic filing and payment systems, Taxis has now been declared “unsustainable.” In response, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) has commenced the development of a new Taxis system.

The new TAXIS system is set to revolutionize tax administration with a range of strategic initiatives.

It will comprehensively document taxpayers’ income and assets by establishing a digital profile for each individual. Services will undergo full digitization, ensuring easy access through electronic platforms, thus streamlining processes and empowering citizens to manage their cases seamlessly. Moreover, the digitization of taxpayer files currently held in paper format will enhance accessibility.

Furthermore, the system will intensify its integration with third-party systems like electronic invoicing and banking platforms, enhancing efficiency and promoting tax compliance.

To tackle non-compliance effectively, taxpayer profiling, risk assessment, and behavior analysis tools will be utilized, bolstered by extensive data exchanges and international cooperation.

In a bid to enhance service flexibility, the system will eliminate spatial jurisdiction constraints. Additionally, the establishment of regional audit centers will be supported by robust information infrastructure, ensuring thorough oversight.

Overall, this transformative endeavor will be funded through allocations from the Recovery Fund and the Operational Program for the Period 2021-2027.