A second power line connecting the electricity grids of Greece and Turkey is scheduled for completion by 2029, according to a MoU signed this week in Athens by the former’s Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE) and its Turkish equivalent, TEIAS.

The new line will run from Nea Santa, in northern Greece, to the town of Babaeski, in European Turkey, and aims to increase the two-way electricity flow by a capacity of 600 MW (megawatts). A current line on roughly the same route connects the two countries’ grids, via a 400kV line.

The new power line will run for 130 kilometers, of which 70 will be in Greece.

The second Greece-Turkey high-voltage power connection, along with a 400kV line connecting Turkey with Bulgaria, has been submitted as part of the East Balkan Corridor within the European Network of Transmission System Operators’ (ENTSO-E) 10-year network development plan, which affirmed the need for an increase in transport capacity.

The fifth Greece-Turkey Supreme Cooperation Council (SCC) took place in Athens this past week, with numerous agreements signed, mostly frameworks for future cooperation in several sectors.