The second wind farm by EDPR Renewables is set to officially open in Greece tomorrow in the presence of Alexandra Sdoukou, Greece’s Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy.

The wind farm “Erimia” is located at the town of Malesina in the administrative region of central Greece, with a 35W power capacity, and is the second f the Portuguese company that will operate in Greece, following the inauguration of a 45MW wind farm located in the same area 2 years ago.

The two wind projects of EDPR in Malesina are set to supply electricity to 41,000 consumers in the wider area in central Greece — 23,000 from the currently operating 45 MW farm and an additional 18,000 from the 35 MW farm to open tomorrow.

Furthermore, another 100 MW of renewable energy projects are already under construction and are expected to be operational within the year. The company’s goal is to reach 500 MW by 2025, investing around 500 million euros.

EDPR is the fourth-largest company in the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the world and is implementing an ambitious plan of expanding in the Greek market.

The Portuguese company is a partner in a joint agreement with Ocean Winds (a joint venture of EDPR and French company Engie) and Greece’s GEK TERNA for the development of offshore wind farms. A second agreement was signed with Motor Oil for the development of the 500 MW mega project in Evia, for which a recent decision by the Council of State (CoS) paved the way for its implementation by rejecting appeals from local authorities and residents against it.

As for the third agreement with Metlen (Mytilineos), it concerns a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for electricity to be produced from a portfolio of wind projects with a total capacity of 78 MW.