Super market turnover in Greece reached 11.8 billion euros in 2023, up by 1.077 billion euros (10%) over the previous year, according to the research firm Circana.

The most circulated goods, such detergents, cleaning materials and paper, rose in value by 9.5%. The value of processed foods increased by 9.3%; 9.3% for personal care items.

The market share of private label items also increased in 2023, reaching 26.3 percent from 25.8 percent in 2022, with the rate of increase at 11.3 percent.

In terms of promotional actions, mostly food items and household goods were included, 25.3% in both cases.

Fast-selling times sold in promotional actions increased to 25.3% in 2023, up from 22.5% in 2022.

Almost double-digit food inflation, on an annual basis, also significantly affected prices on super markets’ shelves.