During the unveiling of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue’s (AADE) action plan for 2024, George Pitsilis, the head of the Greek Tax Administration, announced that commencing this year, individuals who derived their income solely from salaries and pensions in 2023, with no changes in family or financial status, will experience a simplified tax filing process.

Pitsilis explained that the E1 form will be prepared by the tax administration, requiring taxpayers only to review and “check” the pre-filled details, encompassing salaries, pensions, receipts, loans, residences, cars, and personal information.

For those citizens who do not identify errors, a simple press of the submit button will suffice, and the tax assessment will be promptly and automatically generated. Even if taxpayers remain inactive, their declaration will be deemed submitted on the final day of the deadline through the AADE platform.

The platform for submitting this year’s tax returns is scheduled to open in late March. Notably, the system will facilitate corrections and additions to the E1 codes for taxpayers seeking adjustments.

According to Pitsilis’ plan, in the 2025 tax declarations there will be a more streamlined process, with increased pre-filled data, including income from properties and capital participation in companies. The majority of codes in the E2 form, used for reporting rental income and provided properties, will be pre-filled by the AADE, significantly easing the burden on taxpayers.

Furthermore, Pitsilis disclosed that the E9 form, pertaining to taxpayers engaged in parental benefits and property donations, will be automatically completed through the myProperty platform, aligning with the efforts to enhance efficiency and user-friendliness in Greece’s tax system.