A wave of inflation Greece, Europe and much of the world, in the wake of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has made one iconic food item, the beloved pizza, a pricier fare.

According to Eurostat figures for 2023, a European citizen now pays more to buy a pizza than even a year and two years ago.

Specifically, the average price of a specific size of pizza jumped by 5.9% in Europe in December 2023, compared with the corresponding month of 2022.

The rate of increase in Greece for the same period was 3.9%, on an annual basis.

The increase between December 2022 and December 2021 was even more pronounced, 15.2%.

The biggest hike, yoy, was recorded in non-Eurozone member Hungary (13.4%), followed by Luxembourg (11.3%) and Latvia (10.6%).

Conversely, pizza prices actually fell in the Netherlands by 0.9%.