Draconian security measures have been placed for the event in north-central Athens that will be addressed by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The event, with characteristics of an early campaign Edi Rama rally, aims to attract Albanian nationals residing in the greater Athens-Piraeus area to the Galatsi Christmas Theater, with organizers promising a concert either before or after the controversial Albanian leader speaks to supporters.

Edi Rama was scheduled to arrive at the venue at 9 a.m., but delays have put his ETA at after 11 a.m. He will be accompanied by a police escort at 10 a.m., where both the Greek and Albanian National Anthems will be playing, and will be welcomed by first and second-generation immigrants.

His supporters have already gathered at the Christmas Theatre, holding both Albanian and European Union flags.

According to reports by MEGA, Edi Rama’s delegation consists of 150 people, including members of the ministerial council, MPs, about 50 journalists and national-celebrity, entrepreneur and rapper Noizy.

A heavy police presence, numbering up to 1,000, helicopters, K-9 units, and drones will surround the venue during the event.

The Mitsotakis government has gone out of its way to emphasize that Rama’s visit to Athens is strictly private, with PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis set to travel to Ankara on Monday for an official visit.

The Greek PM characterized Edi Rama’s visit as “unnecessary” and unassociated Greece’s domestic affairs and the upcoming European elections. In a recent interview on Alpha TV, PM Mitsotakis noted that although there is no issue against a foreign official privately holding a gathering on Greek soil, “the timing of the visit is inappropriate”, as it falls on the anniversary of Himare mayor-elect Fredi Beleri’s imprisonment.

Bilateral relations between Athens and the Rama administration have been soured by the Beleri affair in the neighboring country. Official Greece has pointed to a “sham trial” and a “judicial conspiracy” in first keeping Beleri incarcerated and then convicted of vote-buying on flimsy and possibly fabricated evidence.