This month’s opinion poll by the Alco firm shows a 15.5%-point lead by ruling New Democracy (ND) party over now second-place socialist PASOK.

Specifically, center-right ND was preferred by 27% of respondents in the poll, down by 1.2% percentage points from last month’s results, and without an extrapolation of the answers.

PASOK picks up 11.5%, also down by 0.7% percentage points from its February 2024 showing, with leftist SYRIZA at 10.5%, marginally up from last month. The latter party, which is the main opposition in Parliament, remained in third place.

Lesser opposition parties are led by the Communist Party with 8.9%, following by right-wing Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) at 6.4%.

The ruling party has lost four percentage points since the beginning of the in successive Alco opinion polls.

Another noteworthy finding from the March poll, presented on the Alpha TV newscast, is that 77% of respondents believe a cover-up is occurring in relation to the February 2023 Tempi rail disaster. Similarly, 77% of respondents they believe sufficient measures to preclude another such deadly rail accident have not been taken.