The latest developments in the case surrounding Alexei Navalny’s death are unfolding with rapid intensity. According to reports, Navalny’s body has finally been located after yesterday’s dramatic sequence of events, during which his family voiced concerns over the Russian authorities’ failure to hand over his body.

As detailed by The Telegraph, Navalny’s body was discovered in a hospital morgue located in the Arctic Circle, bearing visible bruises. A paramedic, speaking to Russian opposition media, disclosed that Navalny exhibited bruises on his head and chest upon his body’s transfer to the regional clinical hospital in Salekhard.

Describing the injuries witnessed, an anonymous paramedic relayed to the exiled newspaper Novaya Gazeta that they appeared consistent with epileptic seizures. The paramedic elaborated, suggesting that Navalny experienced convulsions, necessitating restraint efforts, which resulted in the appearance of bruises. Additionally, Navalny was reported to have a chest bruise, indicating ongoing resuscitation attempts before succumbing, likely to cardiac arrest.

Contradictory statements have emerged from Russian prison officials, asserting Navalny’s death on Friday. However, Navalny’s mother’s inability to locate his body at the Salekhard morgue on Saturday, coupled with accusations of a cover-up from colleagues at the Anti-Corruption Foundation, has fueled skepticism.

Russian authorities swiftly attributed Navalny’s death to “sudden death syndrome,” a claim met with distrust by many. Despite the assertions, journalists noted the absence of an autopsy report, prompting speculation about the circumstances surrounding Navalny’s death.

Adding to the intrigue, reports indicated the arrival of two emergency flights from Moscow to Salekhard on Saturday, possibly carrying specialists for an impending autopsy.

Navalny, a staunch critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, faced severe legal repercussions, including a three-decade prison sentence, and had been relocated to IK-3 prison shortly before Christmas.

Navalny’s passing has sparked international condemnation, with Western leaders pointing fingers at the Kremlin, alleging foul play.