The name of Nikos Androulakis took center stage during today’s first instance trial that is hearing a lawsuit filed by Grigoris Dimitriadis against media outlets and journalists in relation to their revelations surrounding the phone-tapping scandal.

The president of PASOK party was among those monitored by the National Intelligence Service (EYP), a fact highlighted during today’s hearing when his name was cited on two occasions. Testifying as defense witnesses were university professor Nikos Alivizatos and journalist Tasos Telloglou, who characterized Androulakis’ case as pivotal, turning the spotlight onto itself.

Telloglou pointed out that “newspapers began covering (reporter Thanasis) Koukakis only after Mr. Androulakis’ name was involved.”

Addressing this pressing issue, Androulakis underscored that “investigative journalism played a crucial role in exposing critical aspects of the illegal surveillance scandal, one of the most appalling cases of human rights violations, undermining the rule of law and democratic institutions.”

He further emphasized that the lawsuit filed by Dimitriadis against “Efimerida ton Syntakton”, Reporters United and Thanasis Koukakis is a direct attempt to stifle and intimidate journalists. Androulakis stressed that, even a year and a half later, no accountability has been assigned to those responsible for the eavesdropping, with the government often being accused of orchestrating a coverup.

Androulakis pointed out that “the protection of press freedom is a fundamental pillar of the functioning of democracy, and that is why we stand by those who are prosecuted for serving their duty.”