An explosion took place near a motorcade carrying Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky in the Black Sea port city of Odessa on Wednesday, according to reports. Sources added that members of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos’ official entourage, who were in Odessa at the time, were unaffected by the incident.

Mitsotakis made a previously unannounced visit to Odessa on Wednesday and met with the Ukrainian President en route to Bucharest, Romania, for the meeting of the conservative EPP political grouping.

Accompanying Mitsotakis are minister of state Stavros Papastavrou, the head of his diplomatic office, Anna Maria Boura, and communications director Kyra Kapi.

Reports said the motorcade of the Ukrainian president came under drone attack in the early afternoon as it was located some 150 meters away from the visiting Greek mission, which is led by Mitsotakis.

The powerful blast occurred shortly before the meeting between the two leaders. Immediately afterwards, an air raid siren went off in the vicinity.