The latest Metron Analysis results presented on the prime-time Mega TV newscast on Thursday evening show a first real slide in voter approval ratings for ruling New Democracy (ND) since its landslide victory last June, with respondents’ main worries being unabating inflation – especially surging food prices – and concerns over crime.

ND still fields a wide difference from its nearest rival, with socialist PASOK party now appearing to have convincingly surpassed leftist SYRIZA – officially the main opposition party in Parliament – to figure in second place.

In terms of respondents’ preference, ruling ND party retains a comfortable lead, albeit decreasing, from 32.9% percent in the last such poll by the same firm to a current 30.9%.

For SYRIZA the result was even more distressing, as the once leftist firebrand party is shown in single-digit territory, at 9.7%. PASOK comes in second, with 11.4%, down by 0.4% from the last poll.

In an extrapolation of the vote, Metron Analysis calculates ND at 35.2%, down from 38% last month, December 2023. PASOK is at 13.7% (14% last month); SYRIZA slides to 12.1% and the Communist Party (KKE) exceeds the double-digit threshold with 10.3%.

Another noteworthy result is that more respondents now agree with the preposition that things are getting worse, rather than better, with the former again exceeding 60 percent of respondents. The “better” answer, on the other hand, was favored by only 34% of respondents.

Similarly, the economic confidence index also decreased.

The worst performance by the center-right Mitsotakis government is judged to be in terms of combatting crime, public health, dealing with inflation and fighting corruption.

Conversely, the government is given high marks in for attracting tourism, a digital transformation of the state, in the defense sector and foreign policy.

Respondents’ opinions regarding the government’s efforts on the inflation front were particularly negative, with 77% of the former expressing displeasure, and with only 14% giving a positive answer.