Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security Panagiotis Tsakloglou highlighted on Greek state television (ERT) that the measure of retirees’ employment has exceeded expectations, signaling a significant success.

As he noted, under the previous regime, 36,000 retirees were employed, while up to now, 78,000 retirees have registered on the relevant e-EFKA platform, and this number is increasing daily.

Explaining the recent changes in relevant legislation, Tsakloglou noted, “Until recently, if a retiree decided to work, they would immediately lose 30% of their pension. What we’ve changed is that they can now work while receiving their full pension, but there will be a 10% deduction on additional income from employment. This measure helps retirees increase their income and their future pension.”

Tsakloglou outlined that retirement age limits are periodically reviewed based on life expectancy at 65, with last year’s assessment showing no change, prompting the decision to maintain current limits for the next three years.

Furthermore, the deputy minister added that efforts to reduce pending pensions have been successful, significantly decreasing both the backlog and processing times.

What is more, Tsakloglou stressed that the Ministry of Labor aims to support new couples in family planning and bolster underrepresented groups, like women, in the workforce, hence pointing out that maternity benefits which were extended to 9 months for private sector employees previously, have now expanded to self-employed and female farmers at the minimum wage rate for the same duration.