A draft bill finally allowing Greek citizens aboard the right to vote by mail was submitted to a relevant Parliament committee on Monday for initial review, the inaugural process towards ratification.

“The postal vote is a measure that concerns all Greek citizens living abroad, but also all citizens who live in the country. The postal vote is a measure that deepens democracy. Anyone afraid of mail-in voting is afraid of participation,” relevant Interior Minister Niki Kerameous said a day earlier.

If passed, as widely expected, a special online platform will open ahead of the June European Parliament election, allowing eligible Greek citizens to receive, by mail, a specially marked envelop in which to place the ballot of their preference and to return it, again my mail, to the interior ministry.

A deadline for registering on the platform with tax bureau codes and subsequent validation via a mobile phone will probably be in late April, while for a ballot to be counted it must reach a voting precinct by the eve of the Europarliament election, i.e. Saturday, June 8, 2024.