The European Council adopted its 12th package of sanctions against Russia on Monday, December 18th, to include an additional 61 individuals and 86 entities that it considers “responsible for actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.”

Commenting on the new measures, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell says they will “weaken Russia’s war machine…[and that] we remain steadfast in our commitment to Ukraine.”

The new measures bring the total number of individuals and entities to 1,950 and have been published in the Council’s decision 2014/145/CFSP.

The new sanctions primarily target: diamonds connected to Russia, re-exportation of sensitive goods and technology to Russia, an additional 29 entities connected to dual use good and technologies that support Russia’s military and industrial complex, dual use goods and technologies exported from EU third country via Russia connected to battlefield goods, iron and steel imports to Switzerland, and a better enforcement of the oil price cap.