Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said his government had “taken the electorate’s message on board” following Sunday evening’s EU elections stressing that his party had failed to achieved the target set – above 30%.

In his statements from the party offices in Athens, the Greek Premier warned that Greece had also been affected by the rise of “extreme right” parties (three populist parties saw gains in their support). Mitsotakis added that citizens who had voted for the party in the 2023 national elections opted to abstain as they considered the European Elections (EU) elections less urgent.

“Despite my own efforts, there was a lack of substantial reflection on Europe and the future we want,” the PM underlined adding that he did hear the voice of the voters and mandate: “We trust you, but try harder and that’s what we will do to move faster towards Europe.”

He added that ND remained strong and one of the largest center-right parties in Europe, juxtaposing the results with France and Germany where government parties witnessed significant setbacks.

“From now on, these elections become the starting point of a new journey towards 2027. Starting tomorrow, we will focus more intensely on problems, work harder, make greater efforts, and have fewer failures,” adding his party had 3 more years without elections to focus on the job that has to be done.