Greece could mediate between the parties involved in the Middle East conflict as it has acquired “diplomatic capital due to its principle-based foreign policy”, Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis stated, concluding his visit to Amman, Jordan on Tuesday.

Gerapetritis stressed the need to prevent a spillover of the conflict between Israel and Hamas into neighboring countries like Lebanon and the Red Sea.

The head of Greek diplomacy conveyed the message that Greece could play a constructive and substantive role in the Middle East issue, noting that Greece engages in dialogue with both Palestine and Israel. “The aim is to swiftly navigate out of this impasse and restore peace and prosperity to the region,” the Minister underlined.

“Greece, as a robust member of the European Union and belonging to the broader Eastern Mediterranean region, can engage with the involved parties. It is one of the few countries with this capability precisely because it has built diplomatic capital through the foreign policy principles it exercises,” he noted.

The top Greek diplomat made special reference to the upcoming EU Foreign Affairs Council Meeting, scheduled for Monday, January 23rd in Brussels, which Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran are expected to attend, stating this would be an opportunity to explore a common road map to open a humanitarian corridor in coordination with the EU. “Let’s find a way to bring peace to the region. We must not lose any more days,” he emphasized.