Jailed one-time Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) lieutenant Ilias Kasidiaris has filed a written request for early release from his incarceration, with the latter expected to be forwarded to the relevant prosecutor’s office in the south-central city of Lamia.

Kasidiaris, a former Parliament deputy with Chryssi Avgi, is serving a first instance conviction of 13 years in prison for his role in the extreme right party, which was later deemed as a criminal organization by an appellate level Athens court.

He is currently jailed in the Domokos penitentiary in south-central Greece.

The prosecutor’s office will issue its recommendation over the early release request, with the final decision resting with a judicial council comprised of lower court justices.

The same judicial council in Lamia recently approved the conditional parole of Golden Dawn founder and leader Nikos Mihaloliakos.

Kasidiaris has already fulfilled the standard requirement for submitting a parole request, namely, he has served three-fifths of his sentence. His attorney, Vasso Pantazi, also said her client has a clean disciplinary record as an inmate and receives furloughs to leave and return to the lockup.

She also said Kasidiaris’ alleged involvement in the current Parliament-represented party “Spartiates” (Spartans) and an ongoing investigation into the latter far-right grouping does not, in itself, constitute an obstacle for his release, as the case remains in the indictment phase.