Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Alexandra Sdoukou made a significant diplomatic visit to Baku, Azerbaijan last Friday, representing Greece at the 10th annual Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council Meeting. During the meeting, she presented Greece’s proactive initiatives aimed at establishing the country as a pivotal natural gas transit hub.

This high-profile event, presided over by President Ilham Aliyev, drew government representatives from 22 nations, along with the presence of Kadri Simson, the EU Commissioner for Energy.

Azerbaijan, through its Τrans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) and TAP pipelines (stretching through Greece, Albania, and Italy), currently furnishes Europe with an annual supply of 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas, in addition to catering to the energy needs of Turkey and Georgia.

The primary agenda of the meeting revolved around exploring Azerbaijan’s and its state-owned company, Socar’s, capacity to augment gas exports through the TAP pipeline by an additional 10 billion cubic meters. Europe’s keen interest in this endeavor stems from its desire to diversify its energy sources, reducing reliance on Russian natural gas.

Sdoukou’s participation highlighted Greece’s strategic aspirations to emerge as a vital nexus for natural gas transit, not only within its own borders but also throughout markets along Greece’s northern borders. Moreover, she emphasized Greece’s anticipated capability to export a minimum of 8.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas by 2025, leveraging its extensive pipeline network and complementary infrastructure.