The Greek Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, has announced the deployment of a frigate to the Red Sea in a joint force against Houthi rebels.

As reported by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), Greece will deploy frigates within the framework of the International Maritime Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea. This deployment aims to ensure the freedom of navigation in the region as part of an international naval force participating in the operations.

A delegation from the Hellenic Navy is scheduled to travel to Bahrain in the coming days to finalize the operational details. Operation Prosperity Guardian was formed in December 2023 in response to the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

“Following the directive of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, I have requested the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, and the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff, Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis, for a Greek Navy frigate to participate in the multinational operation Prosperity Guardian. This operation aims to protect commercial vessels, the lives of sailors, and the global economy,” the announcement read.

He added, “I informed the Egyptian side about this matter during my recent visit to Cairo. It is self-evident that the frigate participating in the operation possesses the necessary means for self-protection.”

“The international community faces a significant security challenge in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden region. Attacks on commercial ships by armed groups, drones, and missiles pose a massive threat to human lives, international security and stability, the global economy, and the well-being of citizens. Greece, as the country with the largest merchant fleet, has a paramount interest in preserving the freedom of navigation and protecting the lives of sailors,” he emphasized.