In the wake of Iran’s direct attack on Israel, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has called for an emergency National Security Council (KYSEA) meeting.

The meeting will take place at 6 PM on Sunday at the Maximos Mansion under PM Mitsotakis.

According to TO BHMA, the Council will assess the issue of navigation in the region, the possible increase in oil prices, the overall economic impact, as well as the possible reactions of other countries and the risk of further escalation of conflict.

According to reports by ERT, Greece’s Defense Minister Nikos Dendias will also participate in the meeting and is on route back from the US, where he was to attend the Greek Independence Day Parade in New York City.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned the attack in a post on X early on Sunday morning.

The Ministry also issued a travel advisory on Friday to avoid unnecessary travel to Israel, Palestinian territories, Lebanon and, as of today, Iran.

PM Mitsotakis also condemned the attack in his weekly post on Facebook, stating that “these are extremely unpleasant and very concerning developments that have triggered a new escalation in our neighborhood and the Middle East. The National Security Council will convene urgently this afternoon to assess the situation and express our support in any effort to de-escalate the tension.”