Rural Development and Food Minister Lefteris Avgenakis on Saturday repeated that the government has tane measures to facilitate the reduction of production costs in the primary and auxiliary farm and stockbreeding sectors.

Avgenakis emphasized that a reduction of production costs is a key pillar of the ministry’s policy, with the goal of improving the competitiveness of Greek agricultural products.

He also highlighted the number of inspections carried out on agricultural supplies such as fertilizers, propagation material and animal food, to ensure the safety and quality of such supplies to producers.

In 2023, a total of 34,758 inspections were conducted, 3,234 on fertilizers, 30,126 on propagation material and 1,398 on animal food, while 503 inspection reports were also submitted for non-compliance with regulations.

He also cited  the government’s actions taken to reduce VAT on fertilizers and animal feed from 13% to 6%.

Furthermore, cited revisions to the Common Agricultural Policy, which now obligate Producer Organizations (POs) to include initiatives on sustainable production methods and innovative production techniques that enhance competitiveness and boost sector development.